About Us

Production workshop "Braća Milosavljević (serbian for: Milosavljević Brothers)" is located in the Velika Lomnica near Krusevac. It makes the paintings in technique of relief in wood trim, signs for businesses, jewelry and souvenirs made of wood. Uses the traditional technique, based on a combination of light and dark tones of different types of wood (for the red color is used - red plum and willow, the black - walnut, the white color - lime and poplar, a green color - black locust and mulberry; for yellow - pine, fir, ash, the brown color - pear and oak), using engraving on the main composition.

Works of relief marquetry are results from the artist's selection and arrangement of wood tones and wood-graines. Their aim is to show the quality of the material, and to achieve aesthetic vision. The combination of materials and vision - designs, creates a work of art.

We are members of the art club "Dimitrije Simić" and association for the promotion and preservation of traditional crafts "Etno Rasina".

Braća Milosavljević

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